How things work:

Welcome to Red Flour Co.  We are thrilled to make your dessert needs a sweet reality. Please see below for how to order. 

RFCo. is a small bakery that only takes on a few clients each week to ensure we provide an impeccable, personable service for each customer.  Booking early is important to insure that your special date is reserved.

We recommend getting in touch for weddings and special events at least two months prior to the date, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone, so please do not hesitate to ask if your desired date is available.

For cakes 3-tiers or more and intricately designed custom cakes or sweets, we MUST insist on delivering – our sweets and cakes are delicate and require specific temperature control, timed deliveries and sound vehicle transportation.  This is quoted in regards to the location of your event.

We usually reply to inquiries Monday-Thursday, as Friday-Sunday we are busy fulfilling orders. Your inquiry is important to us and we will reply to you as soon as we can.